About Us

Who We Are

We got tired of seeing foam fingers at hockey games.

They’ve been around since forever and let’s face it at any given time only ONE team is really number one (and it’s usually not the one you’re cheering for). We were also tired of poking ourselves in the eye and losing the use of one hand for an entire game. So instead of complaining we invented the Game On Glove. It’s a hockey glove which is cool. And it holds your favorite beverage which is very cool. And that means your right hand is multi-tasking…cheering on your team and holding your drink.

Beyond a jersey and a cap, the Game On Glove is the next evolution of fan wear.

Perfect anywhere: at tailgate parties, inside stadiums or even around the television, Game on Glove is essential fan gear. It’s the drink holder you wear!

We know our innovation won’t change the world but we like it and hope you do too. If you don’t have one then get one (or two or a dozen).

Make Game On Glove part of
your game day ritual.